Every holiday resort gets a custom made team of specialized animators, to entertain the guests. A rich assortment of day and evening programs is provided to entertain guests of all ages and hobbies.

Ram Universal day animation activities
Ram universal day animation bad weather alternatives

  • Coctail quiz
  • Pantomime
  • Pool activities and yes..Parties!!
  • Table tennis
  • Fitness at the pool

Evening shows

The evening shows exceed all expectations, depending on the structular possibilities of the venue. We provide shows that are unique in the world of animation in holiday resorts. We also provide a variety of professional evening shows, to enrich our teams already high standards.

Ram Universal evening entertainment programs
Ram universal night entertainment programs

  • Karaoke evening
  • Belly dancing
  • Miss competition
  • Fire shows
  • Dance competitions


Our Sports programs are catered for guests, that are sports fanatics, as well as for the aged, mild and timid.

Ram Universal sport activities
Ram universal fitness programs

  • Diving activities
  • Outdoor fitness
  • Beach volley
  • Mountain bikes adventure
  • Water ski

Children programs

It is most essential to keep the children occupied and entertained in holiday resorts, in order to permit the parents to relax and enjoy their holidays. A large number of assorted children programs are designed for children of different ages.

Ram Universal children activities
Ram universal teen activities

  • Beach ball
  • Football
  • Pool games
  • Table tennis
  • Indoor fitness