Frequently asked questions for Greek employers

1. What does RAM UNIVERSAL stand for ?

  • Resort Animation & Administration Management

2. How long and what's the experience level of RAM Universal in the domain of animation and staff ?

  • We are in the animation market since 1991
  • We are in the staff recruitment field since 1994
  • RAM owns a school of animation management since 1993 and it's owner is a professor at “Glion” hospitality management school in Corfu
  • RAM runs a universal academy of hospitality management in Greece since 1996
  • RAM runs a universal institute of hospitality management in Russia since 2011
  • We are a member of the American hotel and lodging association since 2005
  • In 1993 the founder of the company Mr. Irani published 2 books :
    1. i. Animator’s guide – “Animation and entertainment in holiday resorts”
    2. ii. Hotelier’s hand book – “Entertainment in holiday resorts”

3. Where are the head offices and facilites located ?

  • In Greece, USA, Russia, Cyprus, Dubai and Bulgaria

4. Where is the school of hospitality management ?

  • In Thessaloniki, Greece

5. Where is the school of animation ?

  • In Crete, Greece

6. Where do we get our animators and staff from ?

  • From all over the world, depending on the nationalities that the hotel wants to work with
  • Mainly from Europe and Russia

7. Why should you choose RAM Universal over other companies ?

  • We update our animation programs every year
  • We provide bonuses to the chief animator if he exceeds last years “Guest Satisfaction Scores”
  • We provide bonuses to the most favorite animator of the year in the hotel (seen through the guest book in the hotel)
  • We supervise our animators regularly
  • Our experienced team analyzes the hotel facilities and advises chief animators how to maneuver the guests in order to raise the income of each hotel
  • We legally register and insure animators and staff members. Each hotel receives the registration and IKA numbers for each individual animator and staff member
  • We analyze each hotel's monthly performance report and depending from the feedback we address any issues that may need attending
  • We provide legal E.U. invoices
  • The Greek VAT(ΦΠΑ) doesn't apply on the E.U. invoices

8. Is registering RAM Universal's staff in the orange book obligatory ?

  • RAM Universal’s staff is registered in Bulgaria, as we pay their IKA there
    1. i. RAM Universal will be obliged to fire that staff member, as he/she cannot be hired by 2 companies in the E.U. at the same time. From that moment on, RAM UNIVERSAL WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE IKA EXPENSES THE HOTEL WILL HAVE TO PAY TO THE GREEK IKA “AGAIN” FOR ENTERING ANY MEMBER IN THE ORANGE BOOK
    2. ii. The Hotel will have to pay RAM Universal the expenses for the deregistration of the staff member

9. Is there a limit on the number of staff members that we provide to each hotel ?

  • There is no limit

10. Do we provide students ?

  • We can provide students, including insurance
  • These students also have working experience

11. What about our staff members mimimum qualifications ?

  • Their age should be between 20 and 40
  • They should have working experience
  • They should speak fluently English
  • They should not be overweighted
  • They should not have any visible tattoos
  • They should not have any visible piercings
  • They should have a clear police record
  • They should be well dressed and well groomed / presented

12. How many working days does our staff program include per week ?

  • Our staff works 6 and not 5 days per week

13. Can the staff members work less days per month ?

  • NO they cannot
  • The contract of RAM Universal with the staff members is for 6 days per week, so even if they work less days, RAM Universal has to pay them for that time
  • The minimum working days per month must be at least 26 (unless the arrival or departure date of the staff member is during that month of work)
  • If a hotel makes a staff member work less than 26 days, the hotel will have to pay that member for a minimum of 26 days

14. What about the languages that our personnel covers ?

  • We can provide multi-language personnel according to each hotel needs