All our staff are legally registered and insured by RAM Universal. Registry and insurance documents are provided to the holiday resort for every individual staff or student.

Performance Upgrade Supervision Incentive
  • To upgrade the performance of the staff and animation programs :
  • - Hotel managers are requested to fill in a weekly performance report
  • - It is mandatory for our chief animators & regional supervisors to fill in performance reports
  • - Weekly conference calls are held on skype, between our office & the chief animators
  • - Spot checks are conducted by the management for quality control as great emphasis is laid on performance, appearance, conduct, presentation, smiles & friendliness
  • In order to enable us to regularly upgrade the programs in holiday resorts our teachers & supervisors attend seminars and courses during winter to learn new shows and programs, to bring new ideas to the chief animators, so that the repeater clients in holiday resorts see new shows in every visit
  • - Upgrade the quality of animation programs
  • - Boost the chief animators to better their performance
  • - Raise the guest satisfaction scores
  • - Psychology experts advise chief animators how to maneuver clients to raise income for hotels
  • It is RAM Universal’s policy to rotate the chief animators every 2 years within the collaborating hotels in order to upgrade the quality and performance. An incentive and bonus is rewarded if they exceed the scores of the guest satisfaction reports from the previous year
  • - We provide holiday resorts with more than animators / staff & students
  • - Our aim is to constantly upgrade the conditions, programs and service of our personnel

Our objective :

  • Increase value for money - not the budget /// Achieve better results by lowering the existing budget
  • Improve quality and guest satisfaction /// Increase income at various departments in hotel
  • Guests return home with a memorable holiday /// Guests recommend hotel to friends and family
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