Our staff is mainly from the E.U. countries and are legally registered and insured by Ram Universal. Each staff member is handpicked to suite the needs of each and individual holiday resort, with with the required experience, languages, ages, nationalities etc

Restaurant and house keeping

Ram Universal restaurant staff
Ram universal house keeping staff

  • Waiters
  • Waiters
  • Coctails
  • Barmen
  • Chambermaids

Spa and front office support

Ram Universal spa staff
Ram universal front office staff

  • Massage services
  • Life guards watchout
  • Spa relaxation
  • Bell boys
  • Receptionists

Kitchen staff and other positions

Ram Universal kitchen staff
Ram universal various positions employees

  • B and C cooks
  • Kitchen helpers
  • Sales and customer service employees
  • Cleaning services
  • Coffee and lounge staff