I work with this company 4 years and my experisnce is only the best

Dominika Klimáčková
Pelagos suites hotel
april- october 2014

A big change in my life

This is my second year for ram universal......I'm very happy because I have the chance to work with amaizing people......I've always worked with boris who is a great person.....the people who I'm working with are the best....they are professionals and ready to help u when u have a problem.....I think ram universal is a big step in my life......thank u ram universal because u have given me the chance to see a lot of beautiful places and to work with the best people
Alexandru Ivanescu

Alexandru Ivanescu
pelagos suites hotel
april 2014

Professional, honest, family ...

It has been 14 years now - what a journey took me from animator to animation manager working in most of the Greek islands, Cyprus, Spain, Malta...and still having fun working for RAM UNIVERSAL where u feel like a member of a family. So come and join us now....

    from year 2000-still working :)

  • boris bohinak
    kipriotis village,horizon beach,pelagos....and more
    from year 2000

    From Michal Michalko - Animator

    My name is Michal Michalko. I joined RAM Universal in April 2014 as entertainer - singer. So far I´m very happy with the company, it´s very professional and I hope we´ll be colaborating together for many years to come... Thank you

    Michal Michalko
    Pelagos hotel Kos island

    Pleasant working conditions


    When I joined RAM Universal in the year 2000, I did not realize that this company would be a major part of my life and working experience. The last few years I worked permanently in Cathrin Hotel in Rhodos. It was truly a pleasant experience working for RAM Universal in Cathrin Hotel in Rhodos, which is why I worked for the company for so many years. The owners of the hotel were also an honour to work for. I have decided to move on in my Professional career and therefore it is with regret that I am leaving RAM Universal. We shall always remain friends with the owners and management. Thankyou RAM Universal. I have learnt a lot from you in these years.

    Roman Chakaida
    Cathrin Hotel
    2010 to 2013
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